Mesche Gmbh supplies individual filters according to the necessities of their customers, in the appropriate dimension and requested mesh size. Filters are designed in many shapes and forms, either as a single piece or combined with welding. We keep a wide range of raw materials, such as different wire mesh specifications and expanded metal sheets. We have them available in stock in our warehouse. Thanks to our partner’s tool shop, we can provide fast solutions that meet the desired expectations. Metal filters minimize the adverse mechanical effects in the aluminium casting process, prevent sediments and inclusions into the mold. Different pore spaces determine the flow rate and keep the flow balance under control.


Our supplier MER-AL produces fiber filters used to filter non-ferrous alloys, especially aluminium, in different dimensions, mesh sizes, and shapes under customer requirements. Fiber filters minimize oxidation, prevent turbulence by balancing the flow during low pouring, and resist high temperatures. In addition, it does not contaminate molten aluminium. In this way, recycling the sprue, gate, and risers makes handling more accessible, as there is no treatment and remelt it in furnaces.


It is used in casting processes in the aluminium, iron, and steel industries, and its microporous structures are 10, 20, and 30 pixels per inch (PPI) as standard. It prevents foreign materials such as sand particles, slag, oxidizers into the mold during molten aluminium casting. During low casting, the channels inside turn the turbulent flow into the laminar flow. Controlling the flow rate improves the quality of the casting process and the metal surface quality.